What are the Panda Chow Chows’ names? 

The Panda Chow Chows are called: TuDou (土豆) - Chinese for Potato; YüMi (玉米) - Chinese for Sweet Corn and DouDou (豆豆) - Chinese for Beans.

What dog breed are the Panda Chow Chows? 

The Panda Chow Chows are chow chows. What makes them unique is their white colour, which is very rare in the chow chow breed.

Why do the Panda Chow Chows have black tongues? 

The black/blue tongue is a distinguished feature of the chow chow breed.

How old are Tudou, Yümi and Doudou? 

Tudou is the boy of the family. He was born on the 07/07/2015 and is from a different litter to Yumi and DouDou. Yümi and Doudou are both girls from the same litter and were born on the 29/07/2015. The three Panda Chow Chows have been living together in the same home as brother and sisters since they were 3 months old.

How did they turn into Pandas? 

The white colour on the Panda Chow Chows is their natural coat colour, the black areas are dyed. The colouring in the product we use is non-bleaching, non chemical and non-toxic and safe for dogs. The colour ingredients consist of Purified water and CTFAS approved natural colorant dyes (Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association of Singapore: http://www.ctfas.org.sg. - Therefore, it is approved by local Singapore authorities. 

The product and ingredients used are also approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration United States), FD&C (Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act), and the Personal Care Products Council.

The product we use is readily available off the shelf in Singapore and can be bought in Singapore at dog grooming salons, many of which are part of the DGA (Dog Groomers’ Association of Singapore: http://www.dga.sg/usr/page.aspx?pgid=1) - This is another local authority that approves the product, otherwise it would not be allowed to be used by groomers in Singapore or sold to the public in the grooming salons.

A patch test is always done before applying the dye on our Panda Chow Chows.

The groomer who attends to the Panda Chow Chows is internationally trained, with over 10 years experience, he is also a registered groomer with SKC (Singapore Kennel Club) and DGA (Dog Groomer’s association of Singapore). Additionally when dying the dogs, two groomers are present at all times to ensure no wet dye is ingested, and cling wrap is always put around wet areas for further precaution.

The dying of the eye area is especially treated with meticulous care and the colour is at least 30mm to 1 cm away from the eye lids and is applied with fingers and not a brush for better control. The dye around the eye area is not washed off with water, but rather whipped off to avoid it getting into the eye. The whole process is completely safe and takes about 1 hour, followed by washing and blow drying. The colour lasts up to 6 months. 

Are they happy with the dye?

Yes completely! They really love it. YüMi was the first to get her makeover. Everybody wanted to admire her and she absolutely adored the attention. After her makeover, it was obvious that YüMi felt elevated in her status, she knew something special had been done to her. She started to sit on the sofa with her owners while her siblings lied on the floor.  Let’s just say, TuDou and DouDou had a serious case of Panda envy. TuDou was the second of the Panda Chow Chows to be dyed. He gained a new spring in his step and it became very obvious that DouDou felt left out. She was jealous and would look at the YüMi and TouDou with sad eyes. DouDou was the last to be dyed. When she came home after her makeover, she couldn't stop running around the house showing off her new look to YuMi and TuDou. 

How do the Panda Chow Chows feel about going to the groomers? Do they like the makeover process?

For those who do not know, chow chows love playing in water and love being clean, so put the two together and going to the groomers is a party for our Panda Chow Chows. They really enjoy being washed and playing with the water in the bath. They also love being pampered and massaged. 

Are you breeding Chow Chows?

No we are not breeding Chow Chows.

The Panda Chow Chows are so cute, can I pop by your studio to say hi? 

No, unfortunately you can’t. For the safety of our Panda Chow Chows and their family, visitors have to be screened before they can visit and be introduced to TuDou, YüMi and DouDou. This is also the reason why we do not advertise our studio address on our website.

So how can I meet the Panda Chow Chows? 

By booking a photoshoot experience. Please go to “services” on our website for photoshoot details to book the one most suitable for you. We will be having select public appearances and these will be announced in our weekly newsletter.

I am interested in doing a photoshoot with the Panda Chow Chows, when should I book? 

We only have capacity for a few photoshoots per week (maximum 2-3). This is because Chow Chows need lots of rest and too many visitors would tire them out too much and disturb their daily routines. Due to this and their fame and popularity in Singapore, the Panda Chow Chows photo experience has a minimum booking time of 4 weeks in advance. 

What do the Photoshoot session include?

All sessions includes Panda Chow Chows’ owner’s time, Professional Photographer’s time and talent, professional photo studio set-up and equipment, any extra crew members needed, as well as a Pre-shoot consultation to discuss the style of photography. The Owner Meng Jiang attends every photoshoot and event in order to ensure the comfort and happiness of TuDou, YüMi and DouDou.

What happens at a Sentosa Studio photoshoot?

Upon arrival on the day of the shoot, you are immediately introduced to TuDou, YüMi and DouDou in a comfortable and relaxed home environment. You will enjoy playing, stroking and feeding treats to our adorable Pandas Chow Chows. Our professional photographers will be around to capture all your magical, exciting moments with TuDou, YüMi and DouDou. 

Why are the shoots three hours?

Each Panda Chow Chow is uniquely different and have their own traits, preferences and personalities. We try to bring out their individual characteristics and showcase their interactions with you. In order to achieve this, you need to spend time with them, get to know them, and for them to get to know you. A connection and bond will form between you and the Panda Chow Chows as you connect with them through feeding, grooming and cuddling them during the three hour experience. As a result, you will receive professional photos that look very natural.

What happens at a location photoshoot?

Rather than visiting the Panda Chow Chows at home in Sentosa to experience a three hour studio shoot, location shoots occur around Singapore at famous and well known locations. Location shoots add more diversity and content to your Panda Chow Chows photo collection by including many of the stunning backdrops, skylines and monuments Singapore has to offer.   

How do the Panda Chow Chows travel to a location photo shoot? 

The Panda Chow Chows travel in a large black SUV. They are the calmest pooches when traveling. TuDou likes to lie under the aircon and sleep, while YüMi sits on the passenger seat next to mommy observing the view. DouDou usually like to puts her front paws up on the window pane and watch the world go by. Our driver plays classical music during the drive, and our Panda Chow Chows’ favourite is Chopin nocturne op. 9 no. 2.

For special occasions, why do the Panda Chow Chows have to visit for an entire day? Can the Panda Chow Chows visit me for just a couple of hours?

Unfortunately not. The Panda Chow Chows are not able to visit special events for just a few hours. This is because it takes several hours to get them ready and to assemble our team and equipment to come to you. Additionally when leaving your special occasion, we have to organise for the Panda Chow Chows to get home safely and the photographic team needs to disassemble and pack up all of their equipment which then needs to be transported back to our studio. The preparation and packing up phases for special occasions in addition to transporting the Panda Chow Chows to and from special occasions requires hours of necessary organisation and work. Therefore special occasions are a full day commitment for the Panda Chow Chows and the team. 

We will customise your Panda Chow Chows special occasions photoshoot experience to your individual requirements. For example, if your special occasion is a birthday party or wedding reception, our team will come to your location and set up our studio backdrop with professional lighting and equipment. We will engage in several discussions with you weeks prior to your special occasion and use our professional expertise to use the right equipment and settings to best capture your interaction with our Pandas depending on the occasion and location. This will ensure that the experience and photos you receive are of the highest quality.  

I would like the Panda Chow Chows to visit a product launch in Singapore, are they available for this?

Yes. The Panda Chow Chows are available for corporate events and product launches, however this is dependent on the discretion of the Panda Chow Chows owners in assessing the the products / services of the business and the brand. We do this to ensure that brands we collaborate with are coherent with the Panda Chow Chows brand values and identity. Please get in touch through our website contact form with details of your product and brand, and a dedicated member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss the details.